The purpose of the Beta Test Programme is to check the new version of the software for possible bugs or usability issues ahead of the release. From the Tester's perspective, you gain early access to the new software, which can help you get a head start in offering the latest design/assessment services and an opportunity to help shape the direction of the software.

A summary of the v7.3 features and improvements available for testing can be downloaded from here.

1. Eligibility

Only existing DesignBuilder v7 customers are eligible to access the beta test software. This is to ensure that testers are able to provide useful feedback based on their experience of the software. 

2. Beta Tester Commitments

As a DesignBuilder Beta Tester you will commit to the following:

  1. Provide feedback on the software:
    1. Where you find a problem or a bug in the software you will report it with the any necessary supporting information to the DesignBuilder support desk.
    2. Respond to Beta Test questionnaires and/or other surveys that will be requested from time to time. We will ask you about the tests you have carried out and in particular about the extent to which each specific change to the software and more general area of the program have already been tested.
  2. You acknowledge the risks involved in using Beta Test software and will make frequent backups to minimise the risk of losing data in any important work undertaken using Beta Test Software.
  3. You acknowledge that any models saved using the new software will not generally read into previous versions of the software.
  4. You will read any documentation provided for each beta release that you install to ensure that you only expose yourself to the minimum risk and are aware of any potential changes.
  5. Maintain confidentiality about the new software and specifically not pass on information about the new software or your opinion about it to 3rd parties.

3. DesignBuilder Commitments

The DesignBuilder commitments below only apply if you sign up to the beta test programme by contacting the Support Desk.

As a DesignBuilder Beta Tester you will receive:

  1. Access to latest v7 Beta software builds as they become available.
  2. Notification of significant new beta releases and provide any extra information that may be available to support tests.
  3. Support to help you work with new features where inadequate help documentation is available or where you may have come across problems in the software.

If you would like to join the beta test programme please contact the support desk for more information.

By downloading and installing the beta software you are agreeing to all of the above conditions.

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