These “get you started” tutorials cover the latest key features in DesignBuilder, and are produced in short sessions so that you can quickly and easily dip into specific topics of interest. They provide a valuable resource for existing DesignBuilder users to refresh their knowledge on areas of the software they may not have used for a while. Also, for those new to DesignBuilder, the tutorials will provide a nice logical way to learn the software basics. Please note that although the tutorials use SI units you can easily change to IP units in Program Options.

You may find it helpful to cross-reference the tutorial you view with the content in the Program Help. People generally learn most effectively by "doing" rather than "watching", so please do try out the techniques shown in the tutorials while they are fresh in your mind before moving on to the next tutorial. And above all, we hope you find the tutorials useful and fun!

1. Introductory Tutorials

000 Introdution to the Tutorials - Tutorial concept and freely available resources

001 DesignBuilder User Interface - Modelling: Opening screen, loading a model, screen layout, navigation

002 DesignBuilder User Interface - Model Data: Site level, model data tabs, data hierarchy and inheritance

003 DesignBuilder User Interface - Simulation Screens: Overview of visualisation and calculation screens

We will be progressively releasing new tutorials in the months ahead. The new tutorials will be added to the list above and will ultimately replace the legacy tutorials below.

The legacy tutorials below are not up to date and miss some important functionality. In general we advise not using the legacy tutorials, but you may still find them useful as an introduction if a newer tutorial on that topic is not available above. If the content you need is not yet available in a new tutorial, we highly recommend you read the relevant program help topic. Also, our new on-demand online training is based on the latest software and provides step by step guidance on the fundamentals of modelling in DesignBuilder. You can find more information on this training content here.

2. Basic Geometry (1 - 8 to be completed before attendance on the SBEM 1 day course)

The Basic Geometry series of tutorials explain how to create and modify the blocks used to define building geometry in DesignBuilder.

  1. Introduction to the DesignBuilder user interface
  2. Creating a model - adding buildings and blocks, drawing guides and snaps
  3. Adding, moving and cloning blocks, deleting objects, increment snap, check dimensions of existing objects
  4. Rotate, stretch, drag face and construction line tools
  5. Adding roofs basics: roof angle conventions, pitched and extruded roofs
  6. Cut block, use of protractor tool and outline blocks
  7. Zoning blocks by drawing partitions, zone types and zoning protocols 
  8. Drawing holes, merging zones and creating an atrium
  9. Adding shading and adjacency modification using component blocks
  10. Drawing arcs, circular shapes and domes 
  11. Importing 2-D floor plans from DXF and bitmaps to help draw blocks and partitions
  12. How to create a room in roof
  13. How to draw dormer windows 
  14. How to model a smaller zone within a larger zone ( office in a warehouse)

Some DesignBuilder classroom training courses require that you have completed the above Basic Geometry video tutorials.
To let us know you've done this please fill in the Basic Geometry Tutorials Confirmation Form >>

3. Basic Model Data

The Basic Model Data tutorials show how to set up data on the Activity, Constructions, Openings, Lighting and HVAC model data tabs for EnergyPlus simulations.

4. Heating Design, Cooling Design and Simulation

The Calculations tutorials explain how to set up DesignBuilder EnergyPlus simulations and analyse results.

5. Natural Ventilation

6. Daylighting

7. Detailed HVAC

8. CFD

Other Video Learning Resources

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