DesignBuilder SBEM and DSM has been approved by the relevant national governments for use in the regions of UK and Republic of Ireland shown in the summary table below. Please ensure you use the correct version according to the location of the building you are certifying.


Approved DSM Versions

RegionRegulations DB Version NCM Version 
England Part-L 2021 / EPCs 6.1e
Wales Part-L 2022
Scotland Section 6 2022 / EPCs


Approved SBEM Versions

RegionRegulations DB Version NCM Version
England Part-L 2021 / EPCs
England Part-L 2013 5.6b
Wales Part-L 2022 / EPCs 6.1e
Wales Part-L 2014 5.6b
Scotland Section 6 2022 /EPCs/ S63
Scotland Section 6 2015 5.6b
England & Wales Part-L 2010 4.1e
Scotland Section 6 2010 4.1e
Northern Ireland Pre-October 2012 Part-F* 3.5b
Northern Ireland Post-October 2012 Part-F / EPCs 4.1h
Republic of Ireland   Part-L 2017 / BER 5.6a (Ireland)
Republic of Ireland        Part-L 2007* 3.5b

Please contact DesignBuilder Support for more information on which version to use for your projects.

*Customers in ROI and NI running v2.3.6.007 should contact DesignBuilder Support to obtain a licence for their approved version and a patch to install.

Why are different versions of DesignBuilder required in different regions?

Building Regulations in the various regions are out of step with each other and so correspondingly different versions of SBEM are required. Note that only one version of DesignBuilder can be installed on a machine at any one time and while it is a quick and simple process to uninstall one version and install another, if you often work on projects not covered by the current release and find that you need to regularly uninstall and reinstall then you may wish to consider installing different versions of DesignBuilder on different machines to facilitate the process of moving from one region to another.

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