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DesignBuilder-Based Lectures and Teaching Materials

As part of the lecture series at the School of Architecture at University of Technology Sydney, PC Thomas, director at Team Catalyst, presents his lecture entitled ‘Using Energy Simulations to Drive Decisions in the Built Environment’. The lecture explores the use of DesignBuilder to drive design decisions for residential renovation in eastern Sydney, including explanations on how daylight, passive solar strategies, thermal comfort, natural ventilation and energy use were evaluated. It provides a good introduction to the application of DesignBuilder simulation capabilities in a simple project, especially for beginners in energy modelling. Watch the lecture from the link below.

Teaching Materials

The following teaching materials were developed by Christoph Reinhart while working at Harvard GSD. He has now moved to MIT and the materials are publicly available on the MIT website.

Thermal Analysis: An introduction to thermal simulations using DesignBuilder EnergyPlus for modeling the annual energy use of a building for heating, cooling and lighting. Development supported by the Harvard Provost Office.

Energy Simulation Game: Being able to read thermal simulation results and to adapt one's design accordingly has become an essential skill for graduating and practicing architects. This 90-minutes in-class exercise based on DesignBuilder EnergyPlus helps students to practice this skill. More >>

Click here for all related MIT teaching materials.

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