DesignBuilder DSM for UK Certification Training

The DesignBuilder DSM interface can be used by appropriately qualified and accredited energy assessors to certify Level 3, 4 and 5 buildings in England, Wales and Scotland. The DSM training is a 1-day “top-up” course that covers all of the essential information relating to the DesignBuilder DSM UK Certification interface when in “DSM mode”.

We are currently offering online training at a reduced rate, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

DSM training course content:

During the DSM training you will build on the knowledge gained on the DesignBuilder SBEM for UK Certification introduction course and cover all of the essential information required to quickly and efficiently produce accurate certification outputs such as EPCs and BRUKL documents. During the training you will model a building from beginning to end, and cover the essential information relating to each aspect of the model at the relevant point in the modelling process. The training will also include QA-checking tools and flexible ways to edit glazing such as stretch and rotate tools that allow existing openings to be easily modified. The DSM training course will include:

  • Introduction to the DSM interface and user manual
  • Outline main DSM advantages over SBEM, such as more accurate modelling of geometry, daylighting, PV, solar gain and shading and climate.
  • Key differences between the SBEM and DSM UK certification interfaces.
  • Learn how to “flip modes” to enable you to generate outputs from the same model using either SBEM, DSM or EnergyPlus for more detailed analysis.
  • Using one model for multiple analysis types, including for example simulations for BREEAM credits or generating TM52 or TM59 outputs for overheating analysis.
  • QA and data-checking, producing and lodging output documents.
  • Questions.
  • During the day you will create a DSM model “from scratch”, review the main inputs specific to DSM and run EPC and BRUKL calculations.

The DSM training is an essential requirement prior to taking the DesignBuilder DSM exam. Please note that the exam must be booked separately. For new customers i.e. those that do not yet have the licences required to use the DSM interface, a free licence will be provided to enable you to complete the training and exam. The course is open to members of any accreditation scheme and will qualify for 7 hours of CPD.

DSM training pre-requisites

Prior to attending the DSM training course you must either have previously completed the 1-day DesignBuilder SBEM course, or you must have sufficient experience using DesignBuilder to certify UK buildings and be intimately familiar with the DesignBuilder SBEM training manual. Without that foundation you will not have sufficient knowledge to attend the DSM training. If you have not attended the introduction course (DesignBuilder SBEM), but have certified a minimum of 10 buildings using DesignBuilder, and are intimately familiar with the DesignBuilder SBEM training manual, then we will allow you to “self-certify”. Please do not book yourself on the DSM training without this knowledge, as it will be detrimental to you and to the other delegates and trainers.

DesignBuilder DSM Exam

Please note that due to the current pandemic we can only run DSM exams on an individual basis at our office in Stroud. All current COVID-19 guidance will be in followed and appropriate precautions will be in place for those people needing to complete a DSM exam before we start running public exams again for larger groups.

The National Occupational Standard (NOS) for Level 5 assessors requires assessors to pass an exam in their selected DSM software tool before it can be used to certify a building. The DesignBuilder DSM exam tests a candidate’s knowledge only on the DSM interface (not Regulations and NDEPC Conventions) and should be straightforward for suitably experienced DesignBuilder SBEM users who have completed the DSM training.

The open-book exam is 3 hours long and has two parts. The first part involves answering questions on essential information relating to the DesignBuilder DSM interface (covered in the training and DSM user manual), and the second part involves modelling a building with NOS Level 5 features and producing EPC and BRUKL outputs. The training material and DSM manual can be used during all parts of the exam.

Please note that the exam must be booked separately. On successful completion of the DSM exam, candidates will be provided with a certificate which the assessor can send to their accreditation scheme to demonstrate competence in the DesignBuilder DSM software.

Please contact to arrange a DSM exam at our Stroud office whilst Coronavirus restrictions remain in place.

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