Using Waste Heat and Industrial By-Products from Rice Processing Plants

The Element office building: control strategy for movable external elements

Using CIBSE TM54 and TM63 to Accurately Assess In-Use Performance in DesignBuilder

Optimising the Fabric and Service Design for a Teaching Building in South India

Sensitivity Analysis to Simplify and Speed up Optimisation for a Teaching Building in India

Optimizing an Eco-Friendly House Design using DesignBuilder

DesignBuilder SBEM used to Produce EPC for Grade II Listed Refurbishment

DesignBuilder used for MEES Assessment of London Heathrow World Business Centre

Predicting the Energy Performance of a New Low Carbon Office Building

DesignBuilder DSM used to Certify and Help MEES Compliance for Manchester Offices

Complying with the UK Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

DesignBuilder Used to Improve 1980s London Office EPC Rating for MEES compliance

LowDown Showdown Energy Modelling Competition 2016

DesignBuilder used to Design and Model a Large Complex Hybrid Geothermal System

Performance Optimization of a Low-Temperature Chilled Water Plant

Improve Passive Design and Reduce Risk of Overheating in Residential Development

CFD Natural ventilaton thermal comfort design of a heathcare building

Hundreds of academic papers referencing DesignBuilder listed on ResearchGate

ARBS comparative study into HVAC systems in commercial buildings

Optimise the Specification of a Building Envelope

CFD Study Investigating Optimal Methods for Supplying Preheated Fresh Air to Kitchens

Energy Audit of 2 Apartment Buildings in Cagliari using Simulation

Increase staff productivity by making simple improvements to the building they work in

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Dwelling Retrofit Options

Lowdown Showdown Competition at ASHRAE Energy Modelling Conference 2015

Comparison of Design Alternatives for BREEAM Certification Project

Performance Analysis for a 20-Year Energy Performance Contract

Naturally Ventilated Daycare Building - Design and LEED Certification

Cost-Benefit Analysis of an Urban Neighborhood Refurbishment

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